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The MARS systems comprise three different solutions, namely CBRN Filtration Systems, CBRN Detection Systems.

CBRN Filtration & Detection

MARS CBRN Filtration and Detection Systems has over 50 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of Vehicle CBRN and Fresh Air Filtration Systems, Shelter CBRN systems and a range of CBRN filters and support equipment MARS CBRN utilises its CBRN operational understanding and design engineering capability to provide bespoke solutions to systems integrators and vehicle manufacturers using standard parts and sub systems.

The MARS CBRN Filtration system extracts contaminated air outside the vehicle using a fan, and then passes it through a set of different filters in sequence. In each filter, the air is sequentially decontaminated of radiological, nuclear, biological and chemical threats, thus protecting the crew and, if any, passengers from external CBRN threats. 

As the latest product of Nero Industries in this particular field, the CBRN Detection System is a compact solution that can detect biological and radiological threats through its internal sensors. The user can also attach different gas detectors to the six ports on the device, giving it the ability to identify also chemical, biological and nuclear threats. The Pocket Type Dosimeter, which is one of the novelties offered by this detection system, serves to measure gamma and X-ray radiation, and its 140-gram weight allows it to be carried by personnel. The Radiation Detector weighs two kilograms, and is used principally within vehicles to show the direction of the radiation source with a certain level of sensitivity. The Portable Gamma Ray Detector detects gamma rays with intensities within a range of 0.1–20 Sievert/h.