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Naval & Maritime CBRN Monitoring

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Naval & Maritime CBRN Monitoring Systems

The MARS CBRN provides a fast and reliable warning for the presence of possible Chemical, Biological and Radioactive hazardous substances, giving the ship crew response time to take protection measures for themselves and the vessel. In addition to CBRN detection capability, MARS includes situational awareness and guidance software.

Why Choose MARS Naval & Maritime CBRN Monitoring Systems
  • COTS Products enabling flexible design
  • IACS UE E10 compliant
    Optimized communication with minimized cabling
  • Increased system redundancy
    Over 10 years of proven expertise
Naval New MARS CBRN Detection System Architecture

The new MARS CBRN Filtration and Detection Systems architecture increases the system redundancy, as any of the MARS CBRN Filtration and Detection Systems can act as a master unit for the system and communicate with the IPMS. As for the radiation and biological detectors, these can be connected locally to the nearest chemical detector, thus minimizing the needed cabling.

MARS CBRN Filtration and Detection Systems features: external protection of the vessel with measuring points on port, starboard, and mast, internal protection with measuring points inside the vessel, and an in water detection point.

The MARS CBRN System architecture enables to create optimized CBRN detection systems to any vessel, regardless of its size or shape.